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Real Spy Movies

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My favorite story about a failed adaptation of an SF novel was the 1980 production of Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light 1979 (which also happens to be a totally awesome book).  The reason why that film never got made was because the production company was actually a CIA front working to free American diplomats trapped in Iran after the revolution (they were separate from the ones held inside the embassy).

There’s also the 80s action flick Red Scorpion, which was secretly funded by South African intelligence as propaganda supporting South Africa’s intervention in Angola.  The script was written by Jack Abramoff.  Yes, that Jack Abramoff.


Michael Jackson Videos

Posted in Culture, movies on July 14, 2009 by heckblazer

I’m a little slow given how he died about three weeks ago, but here are some videos in rememberance of gifted singer, dancer and weirdo Michael Jackson.  First up is Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers dancing to “Thriller”.

Next, Fred Astaire dancing in “Smooth Criminal”.

Steve Martin dancing to “Billie Jean”

And finally, we have Thriller as perforned by 1,500 prisoners inside a Philipine maximum security prison.  Yes, really.

Iran Protests

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My not very deep thought is that the Iranian government appears to have hired motorcycle thugs from a John Woo film:

Iranian Motorcycle Cops

John Woo thugs

I hope the protestors finally do get the free elections.

What Do You Get When You Show A Double Feature of Star Trek and Wolverine?

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Watching the Watchmen

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I just got back from the film.  The two trailers that struck me were for Terminator: Salvation and Star Trek.   For the former, having a terminator that thinks it’s human as a character grabs me for whatever reason, and the melancholy tone in the trailer was different.   As for Star Trek, it looks like for once there will be a Star Trek film with a truly epic scale.  At the worst it looks like it will  suck innew and novel ways for a trek film.

Movie comments with possible spoilers below the fold.  Continue reading


Posted in comics, movies on March 5, 2009 by heckblazer

In honor of the Watchmen relesae tomorrow, here is Alan Moore singing “March of the Sinister Ducks”:

Also, an example of his worst fears  of what will be done with Watchmen.

Funky Firearms

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This is a Mateba autorevolver.  That’s right, it’s a revolver that uses recoil to automatically cock the gun and rotate the cylinder.    It also has an under-slung barrel, so that the bottom chamber is teh one fired instead of the top chamber.


It’s distictive enough looking that it shows up  SF movies on occasion.  Notably, Togusa in various Ghost in the Shell incarnations carries a fictional future version:


as does Wash in Firefly and Serenity (in his right hand here, if you look close).


The predecessorof the Mateba would be the Webley Fosbury Automatic Revolver.  This was a design from the very early 20th century when automatic pistols were new and manufacturers were experimenting with different ways of makingthem more reliable. webley-fosbery_1837

This was also used in a SF film, carried by Sean Connery in the notoriously bad film Zardoz:


(You can see the distinctive grooves on the cylinder if you look close).