My Ten Favorite Comic Characters

I recently cataloged my comics collection .  Based on number of  appearances in the issues I own here are my ten favorite characters:

  1. Batman
  2. John Constantine
  3. Punisher
  4. Wolfsbane
  5. Multiple Man
  6. Wolverine
  7. Strong Guy
  8. Cyclops
  9. Conan
  10. Shadowcat

And as we all know statistics never lie…

Actually this list doesn’t feel far from the truth, except for Cyclops.  If you buy X-books he shows up no matter what you think of him.  I’d also add the clarification that the Punisher I like is specifically the character as written as Garth Ennis.  Two of my favorite characters, Hellboy and Lobster Johnson, also aren’t didn’t make this list but they just don’t get published as regularly as the top guys.


2 Responses to “My Ten Favorite Comic Characters”

  1. Isn’t wolfsbane from X-Force? Are you saying you love X-Force?

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