Real Spy Movies

My favorite story about a failed adaptation of an SF novel was the 1980 production of Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light 1979 (which also happens to be a totally awesome book).  The reason why that film never got made was because the production company was actually a CIA front working to free American diplomats trapped in Iran after the revolution (they were separate from the ones held inside the embassy).

There’s also the 80s action flick Red Scorpion, which was secretly funded by South African intelligence as propaganda supporting South Africa’s intervention in Angola.  The script was written by Jack Abramoff.  Yes, that Jack Abramoff.


2 Responses to “Real Spy Movies”

  1. hey Ben- wow, you’re rolling on this blog ! Jeez- I go away for a year and suddenly you get all productive. Happy birthday by the way.

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