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Authentic Vermont Food?

Posted in Culture, strange on May 21, 2009 by heckblazer

Well, since my last post I’ve come across somethings that’s just as odd only going in the opposite direction.  Specifically, at my local asian supermarket I found Vermont Curry.   With “a touch of apple and honey” (what, no maple syrup!?!) for authenticity,  though I do have a strong suspicion that they do not traditionally eat curry in Vermont.

Vermont Hot Curry



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Panko is a Japanese style of breadcrumb.  So I found it weird to see Italian style panko during my last trip to the supermarket:


What Do You Get When You Show A Double Feature of Star Trek and Wolverine?

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I guess everything has a museum, even ninjas.   Of course, I suppose it could just all be misinformation to throw everyone off…