Watching the Watchmen

I just got back from the film.  The two trailers that struck me were for Terminator: Salvation and Star Trek.   For the former, having a terminator that thinks it’s human as a character grabs me for whatever reason, and the melancholy tone in the trailer was different.   As for Star Trek, it looks like for once there will be a Star Trek film with a truly epic scale.  At the worst it looks like it will  suck innew and novel ways for a trek film.

Movie comments with possible spoilers below the fold. 

Overall I thought Watchmen was pretty good.  Dr. Manhattan was appropriately detached, Eddie Blake was actually better I think than in the comic, and damn if Rorschach isn’t dead on.  And hey, everyone love Rorscach despite him being a violent sociopath (or is because he’s a violent sociopath?).  The music was somewhat uneven, but the use of  “The Times They Are a Changin'” over the opening credits montage was perfect, especially given the how that’s the slogan for Veidt’s Nostalgia perfume.   The montage was nicely gave the overview he got in the comic from the written excerpt of Under the Mask, and the more important back material also made it into the film.

Most of what cut out was the interactions of the minor characters.  That does undercut the horror of New York’s devastation, but then we’re supposed get quite a bit of that on the DVD release.  Those additions may also help the pacing, since in places I could definitely feel the seams of the different chapters.

The ending was different.  Instead of a giant psychic alien squid which united mankind against a common enemy they instead made it Dr. Manhattan who destroys, well, Manhattan.  Even though the alien squid somehow works better for me, I have to say this change is economical and makes more sense.  The action in Karnak was changed as well, but since in the comic it was primarily Ozymandias monolguing I again think it’s a reasonable change.  The ending with Dan and Laurie and her mother seemed too happy for me, especially since we no longer get Ms. Jupiter crying  and kissing Eddie Blake on her old Minutemen group photo.

Now would someone who never read Watchmen once, let alone multiple time enjoy the film?  I have no idea.

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