Funky Firearms

This is a Mateba autorevolver.  That’s right, it’s a revolver that uses recoil to automatically cock the gun and rotate the cylinder.    It also has an under-slung barrel, so that the bottom chamber is teh one fired instead of the top chamber.


It’s distictive enough looking that it shows up  SF movies on occasion.  Notably, Togusa in various Ghost in the Shell incarnations carries a fictional future version:


as does Wash in Firefly and Serenity (in his right hand here, if you look close).


The predecessorof the Mateba would be the Webley Fosbury Automatic Revolver.  This was a design from the very early 20th century when automatic pistols were new and manufacturers were experimenting with different ways of makingthem more reliable. webley-fosbery_1837

This was also used in a SF film, carried by Sean Connery in the notoriously bad film Zardoz:


(You can see the distinctive grooves on the cylinder if you look close).

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