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Important Comics

Posted in comics on January 28, 2009 by heckblazer

Well, important to me anyway.   I plan to write something review-ish about these, and I’m hoping clamor from my loyal reader(s?) will spur me along.  In no particular order they are:

Saga of the Swamp Thing #25

Battle Angel Alita #5

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Sandman #50

Invisibles #7

Legends of the Dark Knight #54

New Mutants #69

Tick Omnibus #1

Youngblood #1

Excalibur #9

X-Factor #70

I should probably add that important does not equal good.


Random Anime Still of the Day

Posted in anime, random on January 20, 2009 by heckblazer

“The charismatic medium spirit for the new century”:

Bohahahaha!From Bleach episode 10, “Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground!”