American Game Shows Are For Wimps

 Japan has some pretty out there game shows.  Particulalry (in)famous is Takeshi’s Castle, where a hundred or so contestants are weeded out through a variety of physical contests until a handful “storm” the castle by fighting General Takeshi’s Emerald Guard using bumper cars and water pistols.  No, I don’t know why the one guy is wearing a gorilla suit.

In this one, the contesnts must sucessfully say a tongue twister.  Or else.

Here in each round the players draw cards, and the guy who is the odd one out undergoes a pre-selected (and bizaare) punishment.  Naturally it’s set inside a library and so  no one is allowed to make noise.

In a similar vein I suppose is this one, where contestants are inside an English class and must watch an instructional tape where the narrator horribly, horribly mangles the English language.  Anyone who laughs is expelled from class, after a good spanking of course.

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